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Created on 9 Nov 2016
With Donald Trump’s amazing victory in the 2016 U.S. Elections, Canada’s immigration website went down due to overwhelming traffic according to The Independent. – Can read more
Created on 22 Mar 2016
Is it better to rent or buy? This is one of the most common financial questions Canadian consumers have to deal with at some point. From millennials who typically begin their careers while renting, to read more
Created on 15 Mar 2016
One of the most exciting parts of moving in to a new apartment is getting to decorate everything exactly how you want it. The empty rooms are screaming out for your aesthetic touch and it’s time to read more
Created on 16 Feb 2016
Are you moving to Ottawa or visiting for the first time? The Capital of Canada has plenty to offer those looking for cultural sites, fantastic dining, and evening entertainment. The city is a fantasti read more
Created on 24 Jan 2016
When it feels like the Canadian dollar is becoming more and more like monopoly money everyday, there is — at least — good news on the horizon for renters. Vacancy rates are going up in many metrop read more
Created on 10 Jan 2016
Toronto is Ontario’s largest city. It’s a metropolis with incredible culture, a great nightlife, and tons of options for every renter. If you want to live in a diverse city that can offer shopping read more
Created on 5 Jan 2016
With the new year, many renters start thinking about the coming year and many start searching for a new apartment in anticipation. Moving to a new place is an exciting milestone — but it’s also a read more
Created on 30 Jul 2015
Moving to a new neighbourhood can be tough, but moving to a completely new city (in an entirely different province, for that matter) is obviously so much tougher. When work, family, or relationships r read more
Created on 12 Jun 2015
Unless you’re staying with family, finding a place to live will be one of your top concerns when you first make the move to Canada. Buying a house or condominium of your own might be out of reach in read more
Created on 3 Apr 2015
Unless you’ve done it dozens of times — and unless you’re the World’s Most Organized Person — moving into a new house or apartment is usually a stressful, expensive, and tiring experience. A read more
Created on 27 Mar 2015
If you’re not willing to dish out the big bucks for professional movers, you’ve got to turn to your friends and family members to give you a hand on moving day. Helping a pal lug boxes, bags, and read more
Created on 13 Mar 2015
Sometimes a new apartment can look so great, have the ideal location, and seem to fall right within our budgets that we let our excitement get the better of us. In our zeal to grab the ‘perfect’ p read more
Created on 27 Feb 2015
Western Canada epitomizes the Canadian spirit. The natural wonder of the landscapes and scenery are simply awe inspiring, filled with cold, snowy winters (perfect for snow sports) and bright and sunny read more
Created on 24 Feb 2015
So you’ve decided to move to Montreal — the largest, most famous, most bilingual city of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada. It’s a place packed with culture, rich history, quaint bist read more
Created on 23 Jul 2014
We know it’s still summer and you’re probably not worrying about how everything will fall into place come September when you need to head off to college or university. But trust us when we read more
Created on 26 Aug 2013
Dreading your upcoming move to your new rental apartment because you just don’t know how you’ll handle the added stress of calming the anxieties of your children and entertaining your pets? Don’ read more
Created on 12 Apr 2013
One bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom…or more? What about dens, enclosed balconies and extra bathrooms? With so many apartment sizes to choose from these days, it can be difficult to determine whi read more
Created on 2 Jan 2013
Moving is a fact of life, and we sometimes must do it during the winter months. There are a few extra steps you will need to take when moving apartments in the winter that you would not have to do dur read more
Created on 7 Sep 2012
With burglary accounting for a chunk of all property crime, make sure to protect yourself and your apartment building from becoming a target. If you are like many people, you may not consider your per read more
Created on 7 Oct 2011
Part 1: One of the most challenging and intriguing problems that face potential short term renters is deciding on the type of apartment they want to rent. One consistent area of interest we often hear read more
Created on 11 Apr 2011
If you’re searching for an apartment and you don’t know what you need to expedite and approve your application process, below is a short list we’ve compiled to help. It pays to be prepar read more
Created on 11 May 2010
Being Canadian is an honour! One of the first steps when emigrating to Canada for most people is looking for an apartment for rent. Toronto boasts a strong rental market, and so do many areas througho read more