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Created on 26 Nov 2015
When you rent an apartment, you might be moving to a new city for the first time. While searching for an apartment today has gotten easier with websites and apartment finders like offeri read more
Created on 8 Oct 2015
Making your apartment your home is the best part of moving into a new place. Putting up blinds and hanging pictures isn’t the only way to customize your space —these incredible home tech gadgets w read more
Created on 10 Aug 2015
As the most heavily populated province in the country, Ontario is home to a number of world-class cities. These include the country’s capital and a globally recognized metropolis. However, it takes read more
Created on 30 Jul 2015
Moving to a new neighbourhood can be tough, but moving to a completely new city (in an entirely different province, for that matter) is obviously so much tougher. When work, family, or relationships r read more
Created on 5 Jun 2015
Living in Canada often means dealing with an overwhelming urge to break out of doors and enjoy the warm weather — once it finally arrives. It’s understandable; we often endure six or more months o read more
Created on 29 May 2015
Most Canadians will admit that at some point in their lives, they’ve considered moving to British Columbia. But the natural line of thinking is to imagine life in Vancouver or Victoria, and to forge read more
Created on 22 May 2015
Modern industrial cities in Canada can sometimes make it easy to forget our ties to history. As we’ve all experienced, modern skyscrapers, shopping centres, airports, and freeways can turn our citie read more
Created on 19 May 2015
Imagine strolling along a picturesque boardwalk while the sun sets over Lake Ontario, Toronto’s signature skyline glittering on the horizon. You’ve just had a fabulous dinner from local bistro nea read more
Created on 8 May 2015
A neighbourhood with spectacular views, refreshing parks and trails, diverse and vibrant residential streets, exclusive shopping and eclectic independent business, hopping nightlife and fine dining, t read more
Created on 24 Apr 2015
If you’ve got a great job and you’re looking to put down roots, buying a home is always a great investment, no matter if a bear or bull market rules the day. And lovely Kingston, Ontario is certai read more
Created on 18 Apr 2015
If you want all the opportunities, safety, scenery, and fun of Calgary, but you want to be right at the very heart of the city’s youthful pulse, then consider a move to the hip, urban neighbourhood read more
Created on 14 Apr 2015
If you’ve lived in Toronto for years, you know how hard it is to imagine finding a home anywhere else in the country. TO’s the absolute heart of Canadian business and high powered economics, dynam read more
Created on 24 Feb 2015
So you’ve decided to move to Montreal — the largest, most famous, most bilingual city of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada. It’s a place packed with culture, rich history, quaint bist read more
Created on 6 Feb 2015
Congratulations! Landing a new job is always an exciting endeavor, especially if you have worked hard to get where you want to be. This sentiment is especially true for those who have paid their dues read more
Created on 24 Oct 2014
The witching hour is almost upon us! Living an apartment doesn’t mean you are left out of all the Halloween fun. Whether your building is allowing trick-or-treaters to come by or you’re throwing a read more
Created on 29 Sep 2014
Sometimes the thought of playing host to overnight guests can be stressful, especially when you live in an apartment. You might think that you simply don’t have the room and can’t give you read more
Created on 17 Jul 2014
Welcoming a brand new baby in to your life? Congratulations! Along with the other things on your mind, you might be wondering exactly how you can transform your apartment into a baby-friendly environm read more
Created on 9 Jul 2014
Living in Canada means that sometimes summer can fly by in the mere blink of an eye. Particularly after the long, cold winter we endured (a record-breaker in many parts of the country, according to Th read more
Created on 20 Jun 2014
Searching for a new place to call home is so much more than just looking at apartment buildings and what they have to offer. The neighbourhood where your new rental is located in is just as important. read more
Created on 20 Jan 2014
See how Canada matches up to the U.S. on pricing of Rental Housing, Cars, Cell Phone Plans and more in this new INFOGRAPHIC by read more
Created on 9 Dec 2013
The holiday season has officially arrived and with it comes the eagerness to deck your apartment in decorations from top to bottom. No matter what size of apartment you live in, you can make your home read more
Created on 15 Oct 2013
If you’re like us, you are looking forward to Halloween with child-like glee. It’s the one night a year when we get to dress up like someone (or something) else and really let our creativi read more
Created on 10 Sep 2013
Many cities across Canada are now offering “green bins” to their residents that can be filled with household organic waste. According to a 2013 Statistics Canada survey, 45 per cent of all Canadia read more
Created on 17 Jul 2013
Barbecue season is now in full swing, and burgers, hot dogs and steaks are calling your name (and grilled vegetables are, too). If you live in a rental apartment, no need not fret – grilling is stil read more
Created on 9 Jul 2013
If you are like many people nowadays, you are putting car ownership at the bottom of your to-do list. In fact, according to The New York Times, forty-six per cent of drivers aged 18 to 24 said they wo read more
Created on 4 Jun 2013
Ah, running your own business from home. In the current economic climate, it seems like a dream come true. Roll out of bed whenever you want? Check. Wear pyjamas to the office? Check. Not worrying abo read more
Created on 18 Apr 2013
So you’ve decided that it’s time to move out and rent your own apartment – congratulations! read more
Created on 25 Feb 2013
Canadians are now fully entrenched in the long, dark winter days. The holiday season is over and the countdown to spring has officially begun. Winter can feel depressing, so why not spruce up your apa read more
Created on 5 Feb 2013
If you are like thousands across the country, you have made a resolution to get fit this year. Your options are plentiful, but going to the gym is not always financially feasible. So you’ve decided read more
Created on 11 Oct 2012
The month of goblins and ghouls is upon us! Just because you live in an apartment complex certainly does not mean you are unable to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer. With a little planning (and e read more
Created on 7 Sep 2012
With burglary accounting for a chunk of all property crime, make sure to protect yourself and your apartment building from becoming a target. If you are like many people, you may not consider your per read more
Created on 11 Jul 2012
The summer’s sweltering, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your apartment cool. Here are some ways to turn down the heat without breaking the bank. Keeping cool in the summer can seem like an read more
Created on 22 Jun 2012
Going green seems to be the buzzword these days, but what does it all mean? Many of us want to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the impact our everyday activities have on the environ read more
Created on 11 Jun 2012
Pet ownership is one of the greatest joys in life and can actually contribute greatly to your well-being. In fact, a 2001 study by Dr. Aaron Katcher of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Patricia read more
Created on 8 Jan 2012
Ever feel like the inside of your apartment is actually colder than it is outside? If you’re a Canuck living in a rental apartment, you know this feeling all too well. Even if you’re living in a n read more
Created on 25 Aug 2011
Searching for an apartment to rent in large cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and cities across Canada becomes slightly more complicated when you have children. As a parent you want to carefully read more
Created on 22 Jun 2010
If you pay your own hydro bill or even if it is included in your rent… Here are some tips on how to be more environmentally conscious: read more