With much of the talk today around Canada’s seemingly never ending rising housing market and the ongoing discussion about the possibility of an overheated housing market, including the continued growth in condo development and the latest trend of condo developers converting what began as condo projects to new apartment rentals, our team here at RentSeeker.ca decided to see just how many apartment units there are in some cities across Canada in what we present as “A Snapshot of Canada’s Apartment Landscape” INFOGRAPH.

Our INFOGRAPH features the amount of apartment rental units in cities including, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa to name a few with data procured from RENX.ca based on information from ROCK Advisors Inc.

Quebec’s largest city leads the way with 534,005 rental units, outpacing Toronto’s 308,212 and Vancouver’s 106,111.

You can also find the costs of renting an apartment in cities across Canada from this INFOGRAPH RentSeeker.ca presented back in February:

A Snapshot of Canada's Apartment Market