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Do It Yourself Apartment Holiday Decor…Decorate on a Budget!

December 8th, 2014

Apartment Holiday Decor
The holidays are a joyous time spent with friends and family, but it can also be hard on your bank account. While we all want to spruce up our apartments to match the festive season, after purchasing all manner of gifts our budgets are stretched pretty thin. If you’ve got a bit of the DIY bug (and even if you don’t) there are a number of fun and inexpensive ways that you can get your apartment holiday-ready without breaking the bank. Here, RentSeeker shows you some of our absolute favourites.\

Natural Nature

At this time of year, finding pinecones, leaves and twigs is a pretty easy task. Simply look around the grounds of your apartment building or in a local park. These natural finds can quickly liven up any apartment holiday decor. Fill a bowl with pinecones that you’ve painted yourself, or leave them as is for a nod to Mother Nature. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even fashion the twigs and pinecones into a small wreath to hang on your front door. You may want a little help from a wreath form that you can purchase on the cheap at any craft store. The sky is the limit, so see where your imagination can take you.

Decor Swap

If you already have holiday decorations from previous years but are getting tired of the same old, same old, arrange a decor swap with your friends or neighbours. What’s old to them is new to you, and you will find that you can create a whole new look for your apartment without having to spend any money. It’s a fun and easy way to get to know neighbours in your apartment building, too.


Take items that have a different use, like a glass bottle, and repurpose them into something beautiful. Empty wine bottles make great candle holders and you can use a simple glass bowl (with a festive ribbon tied around it) to hold holiday candy. You can also use excess wrapping paper and bows to create wreaths and your own mistletoe to hang from the ceiling. You can also use candy AS your decor, such as using candy canes to cover the outside of a vase to make it instantly festive.

Add Colour

Sometimes getting your apartment holiday-ready only takes the addition of a blanket or pillow in traditional Christmas colours to your living room. Now is the time bring out that red throw blanket or green pillow coverings. You can even purchase yards of holiday-themed fabric at a craft/sewing store for relatively little money and make your own blankets and pillowcases.

Glittering Nights

When all else fails, a little glitter will create an instant holiday atmosphere in your apartment. Sprinkle a little under a centrepiece on your coffee table, glue it to pinecones or roll a candle in it. The sky is the limit! Just remember to keep it away from pets and little ones and you’ll be sparkling safely.

Do you have some DIY tips for making your apartment shine this holiday season? Send us your comments!

Happy Holidays from the Team :-)


DIY Design Hacks for Your Apartment

November 12th, 2014

DIY Design Hacks for your Apartment by RentSeeker
Want to spruce up your apartment decor but don’t want to break the bank? If you’ve got a flair for DIY projects – and even if you don’t – we’ve found a number of fun and easy projects that will change the design of your decor. Read on for hacks that will have your apartment looking hot for the holidays and beyond.

Picture Frames Without the Frame

In some apartments, you’re not able to make holes in the wall to hang framed posters and photos. So how can you display your artwork without violating this rule and losing your damage deposit? Enter washi tape. This inexpensive tape can be found at craft stores in a variety of colours and patterns and is the perfect way to frame your photos with flair. The best part? The tape comes off easily and doesn’t leave a mark.

Organize Your Pantry with – Shoes?

No doubt you’ve seen those over-the-door shoe holders that come in plastic or fabric varieties. While the verdict is out on how well they actually hold shoes, they do make the perfect companion for your pantry. These shoe holders, which can be found at most dollar stores for, well, a dollar, are great for holding lighter items that might get lost in the back of your pantry. This includes dry soup packets, granola bars, hot chocolate powders and more.

Goodbye Router

While a router is necessary to access the internet, they aren’t exactly the most visually pleasing items in a room. You can “hide” your router by using an old book – either one you already own (but don’t want any more) or one purchased from a used book store for a few dollars. The book must be hardcover and, this is important, you must not want to actually read the book because you’ll be cutting out the inside. Use a knife to carefully remove the pages (and then recycle them or use them for another DIY project) and voila – you are now the proud owner of a beautiful cover for your blinking router.

Paint in Unexpected Places

Like many apartment dwellers, you may not be able to paint your walls. But that doesn’t mean your desire for colour will go unfulfilled. Instead, add pops of colour to unexpected places like the side of your dresser drawers (so the colour is only visible when you open each drawer) or along the side of a door or even its frame. If you wish to paint the door, be sure to double check with your landlord before proceeding. Because it is such a small area, chances are you will get the all clear.

The Many Uses of Christmas Lights

Finally, one of the fastest ways to light up your life and change the decor of your apartment is to use Christmas tree lights. If you need to light up a dark walk-in closet, white/clear lights are the best way. Icicle lights also help to add some flair to your living room without making drastic changes to your lighting scheme. Of course, if you don’t want your apartment to feel like Christmas in July, stick with the clear versions. But, if you’re feeling festive or adventurous, go for the brightly coloured lights.

What are some of your favourite DIY design hacks? Let us know and we’ll include them in our next DIY post!

The RentSeeker Team


The Online Revolution: How Landlords Can Stay Relevant in a Digital Marketplace

November 3rd, 2014

Web Marketing for Real Estate You’ve probably heard it all before – social media is the where the action is, being online is the best way to market yourself, you need to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest technology, and on it goes. Chances are, you already have a Facebook page and Twitter account for your property. But are you really using them to their full potential? Anyone can send out a Tweet or two each day, but it’s the truly innovative who use social media to reach people like never before. Whether you want to work on creating brand loyalty or launch a social media campaign that will engage the online community and expand your reach like never before, it’s time to up your online ante.

While creating a viral video a la Jimmy Kimmel is probably not the most feasible route to take, you can generate a buzz in different ways. After the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario Job Expo in September, property management firm Greenwin Inc. launched a social media campaign to keep attendees talking well after the doors of the expo closed. The campaign, dubbed #MeetGreenwin, encouraged candidates to snap a photo of themselves in front of the Greenwin booth and share it on social media using the hashtag. “By asking attendees to engage with us online, it helped us gain exposure well beyond the event itself,” says Greenwin CEO Kris Boyce. “Not only that, but it put our name at the top of the list for people looking for employment in the property management industry. Through the campaign, we were able to secure interviews with eight truly outstanding candidates.”

Social media campaigns like #MeetGreenwin are easy to create and manage. If you want to create a similar campaign, keep it simple. Ask users to take only one or two steps to interact with you – any more and they are bound to lose interest. The most crucial part of a campaign like this, particularly if it’s a contest, is to ask entrants to “Like” your Facebook page or to follow you on Twitter. After all, the goal of a campaign like this is not just to engage users and increase brand recognition, but to increase your overall fanbase online. “We asked #MeetGreenwin entrants to like our Facebook page when they sent us their photo,” says Boyce. “During the contest period, we saw 16 new likes to our Facebook page. The online buzz generated also saw our followers on Twitter increase by 39.”

Traditional methods of connecting with people online still apply today, albeit with a few caveats. On July 1, the Canadian government implemented the Anti-Spam Legislation to prevent companies from bombarding users with unsolicited e-mails. However, according to a recent poll by Hubspot, e-mails and newsletters are still a very useful part of any marketing campaign, with over 50% of respondents saying that they read all of their e-mails, regardless of what they are. “While it will take a little bit of initial legwork to ensure you are complying with the law, don’t give up on e-mail marketing completely,” says Sheryl Erenberg, Canada’s leading real estate marketing expert. “It is a proven way to connect with people who may not be logging on to Facebook or Twitter every day to see what you’re up to.”

When it comes to designing your e-mail marketing campaigns, the less words, the better. According to Hubspot, 65% of people prefer to receive e-mails that contain mostly pictures. For property managers, this is a perfect opportunity to show off the inside of your suites or amenities that you are particularly proud of. “Keep your wording short, witty and to the point,” says Erenberg. “A wall of text is a sure way to get your e-mail sent directly into the trash bin. After all the work you put into it, you want to make sure it captures the attention of your readers.”

To comply with the new CASL laws, you’ll need to ensure you have the consent of each recipient before you send out your marketing campaigns and newsletters. To do this, you can create a simple consent e-mail through a service such as MailChimp. It’s recommended to visit the CASL website to get further information on compliance.

The online world is constantly changing, and you can change with it. Keep your social media campaigns and newsletters fresh and engaging. Show the world what your brand is all about. It’s never been easier or more fun to let your creativity shine online!

The Team

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Tips For Transforming Your Apartment In to a Haunted House

October 24th, 2014

Apartment Halloween Decorations The witching hour is almost upon us! Living an apartment doesn’t mean you are left out of all the Halloween fun. Whether your building is allowing trick-or-treaters to come by or you’re throwing a spooky party, transforming your apartment into a haunted house is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. Big or small, there are a few ways you can accomplish the task of scaring up some fun in your humble abode. Here are some of’s favourite ways to change your apartment into a creepy haunted house.

Set the Mood

All black everything – that’s the name of the game when it comes to getting the right environment in place for your haunted house. Buy some black fabric that you can use to drape both the windows and the walls. Of course, remember safety first: ensure that you don’t light any candles near the fabric to prevent a fire hazard. If you just want to block out the light, you can use sheets you already have on hand to cover up the windows.

Creepy Entranceway

To get a true haunted house feel, you want to get the party started as soon as your guests enter your apartment. Put a “Beware” or “Enter at Your Own Risk” sign on your door. To really up the creep factor, add a few fake blood splatters (that can wash off easily). Once guests enter, a motion-activated skeleton or spider will add to the overall scary tone. Don’t forget to add in the classic scary noises CD of creaky floorboards, screams and monsters dragging chains.

A Delicious (But Gross) Spread

Part of the fun of a haunted house is creating the food that will delight and disgust your guests with their creepy realness. We’re talking boiled eggs doubling as “eyeballs” in a jar, dead man finger cookies, worms and Jell-o slime, spider cupcakes, and more. Get creative and dare your guests to defy their brains and eat something that it seems like they really shouldn’t. Don’t forget the ice cubes with a “fly” or “cockroach” frozen inside!

Dangling Dangers

Think back to the haunted house rides that you used to go on at the fair – there would always be some mystery item dangling from the ceiling that would brush against your face as your car went along the track. It’s time to bring that idea into your apartment. The perfect place for it? In the hallway, as your guests are heading to the washroom. With nothing but nightlights or candles to light the way, they won’t see the spider webs or long strands of yarn (doubling as witch hair) that you have hanging from the ceiling.


Adding a black light to cast an eerie glow over your apartment is a great way to add to the creepy mood while still allowing guests to enjoy some of your delicious finger foods. A red light is perfect for the bathroom, particularly if you have a “surprise” visitor hiding in your shower (think of a zombie head sticking out from behind the curtain). Ensure you do not cover any of these lights with a cloth, as they can heat up quickly.

When it comes to your apartment haunted house, the sky is the limit. As long as you do not make any permanent changes, like painting, get as creative as you’d like. To prevent any issues, speak to your landlord prior to setting up your haunted house. After that, it’s time to invite your neighbours over for a night of fright and fun!

Happy Halloween!

The RentSeeker Team


RentSeeker Hacks: How to Clean Your Apartment with Simple Tricks

October 20th, 2014

Apartment Cleaning
If you’re like us, you’re not a huge fan of cleaning – especially those big jobs that seem to take up your entire Saturday. Thankfully, there are a number of “hacks” you can use to make your apartment cleaning so easy you’ll wonder why you ever dreaded the task so much in the first place. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite life-changing tips that will get your apartment in tip-top shape in no time.

1. Clean up grease and grime with items from your grocery list. We admit that this seems counter-intuitive, but you can really cut through stubborn grease and fingerprints, particularly those left on your kitchen cabinetry, with items that are found INSIDE those cabinets. Mix up a little vegetable oil and baking soda, slather it on an old toothbrush (seriously) and scrub away. No back-breaking labour with outstanding results.

2. Shoe polish is for more than just shoes. This one is so simple we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before. If you have a leather couch or chair, you can remove scuffs and discolorations with shoe polish. Test the shoe polish on the back of the couch first, or any other area hidden from view. If the colour is a match, buff away! Just allow it sufficient time to dry before you sit down again.

3. Cleaning exhaust fans with compressed air. Many of us have compressed air canisters already at home to clean out our keyboards and other electronics. But did you know that you can quickly and easily clean out exhaust fans, especially the bathroom fan, by using the same canister? Do this hack first before cleaning the rest of your bathroom, as you don’t want that dust to get all over your sparkling tub. Cleaning your exhaust fan regularly is important to help prevent fires.

4. Banish carpet stains with rubbing alcohol. Accidentally spilled some nail polish on your carpet? Don’t fear – rubbing alcohol is here. When the stain first occurs, gently dab up as much as you can with paper towel. Don’t press deeply or rub – this will cause the nail polish to sink deeper into the carpet fibres. Next, pour a little rubbing alcohol directly onto the stain and gently wipe away at it with a microfiber cloth. Since rubbing alcohol doesn’t have any colour, it’s the perfect match to remove nail polish without staining. Don’t be tempted to use actual nail polish remover, however – the acetone will remove the colour form your carpet.

5. Grimy cheese graters fixed with…potatoes? Using food to remove food seems odd, but it works. We’ve all struggled to get our cheese graters clean, inevitably noticing some dried up gunk that we simply couldn’t reach with our sponge or scrubber. The solution? Grate a raw potato. The combination of the oxalic acid and the hardness of the potato itself will get your grater shining like new in minutes.

6. Squeegee your carpet to remove hair. Add this to the list of, “Who knew?”. A squeegee, normally relegated to just your windows, does double duty as a perfect way to remove hair, especially pet hair, from your carpets. Simply rub it along and voila! Pet hair that you didn’t even know was IN your carpet is now removed.

7. Heavy metal on glass. Tin foil is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your glass cookware. If you’re starting to notice stains that no amount of scrubbing with a sponge will remove, simply ball up some tin foil and add a little dish soap. With just a small amount of good old fashioned elbow grease, your glass cookware will be flawlessly clean in minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Put these apartment cleaning hacks into action and get your apartment ready for the long winter ahead. Now all you’ll have to worry about is how to fill up all that extra time you’ll have on your hands on the weekend :-)

The Team


Host with the Most: Preparing Your Apartment for Overnight Guests

September 29th, 2014

Hosting an Apartment Party Sometimes the thought of playing host to overnight guests can be stressful, especially when you live in an apartment. You might think that you simply don’t have the room and can’t give your guests the comfort you want to give them. We at RentSeeker are here to tell you that you CAN be a great host, regardless of the size of your apartment. Whether you have friends coming in to town just for the weekend or you have family staying with you for the holidays (which will be here before we know it), there are ways to prepare your abode to welcome your guests.

Decide Where They’ll Sleep

If you have a two bedroom apartment, this can be much easier to figure out. If you have a one bedroom apartment, this may mean giving up your own room and bed so your guests can sleep there. However, this does not have to be a sacrifice on your part. Stow away some comfortable blankets and pillows for yourself so you can make the couch a relaxing haven for yourself. But, and this is important, don’t have the couch already made up as your bed before your guests even arrive. Keep the items tucked away until it is time for bed. Not only will this ensure that you and your guests have a place to sit, but it will also prevent your guests from feeling guilty that they’ve displaced you from your own bed. Of course, if you have only one guest they may prefer to sleep on the couch themselves. This decision really depends on who the person is – if they are an old college friend, they may wish to have the couch. If it’s your parents, giving up your bed for them is a no-brainer.

Linens and Things

Now that you’ve decided where your overnight guests will sleep in your apartment, it’s time to prepare their bed. Clean sheets, pillowcases and blanket are musts. If you have a designated guest room, you still may need to wash the sheets if they’ve been sitting unused for a while (musty odours are never nice for anyone to deal with). Don’t forget to ensure that their home-away-from-home has a working bedside lamp, an alarm clock and an easily accessible outlet for them to charge their phone or other electronics.

Bathroom Basics

Along with fresh and clean towels, you may wish to leave out some travel-sized toiletries just in case they’ve forgotten to bring shampoo. Of course, don’t forget to give your bathroom a good cleaning beforehand, particularly the tub in case your guests would like to take a bath. Change the floor mats and take out the garbage and leave out any extras they might need (such as a hair dryer) on the bathroom counter.

Food and Drink

Before your guests arrive, it’s time to stock your fridge and cupboards with snacks and beverages. Water, soda, granola bars, crackers and other simple snacks are crowd-pleasers and allow your guests to eat whenever they feel like it. The goal is to make them feel as at-home as possible, so let them know when they arrive where they can locate plates, cutlery and glasses. Encourage them to use the kitchen as they please and show them how to use the coffee maker or kettle (because who doesn’t love a nice cup of coffee or tea in the morning?)

Finally, a few simple touches around your apartment, like setting out magazines, providing a map to the city (if they plan on doing some touring around without you) and writing down your Wi-Fi password on the fridge will help your guests to settle in faster. How long they stay is up to you :-)

The RentSeeker Team


Falling for Autumn: DIY Designs to Spruce Up Your Apartment Decor

September 22nd, 2014

Apartment DIY Decor September is a month of renewal. It not only signals back-to-school, but it also heralds in the changing of the season. While many Canadians lament the leaves beginning to fall, we at RentSeeker say that it’s time to embrace it. The colours of autumn are the perfect backdrop for flexing your creative muscle and making your apartment decor a lively tribute to the season. Before you start to haul out the Halloween decorations, give your apartment a taste of fall with some of these simple and inexpensive ideas.

You Better Be-Leaf It

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall is, inevitably, leaves. Why not put some of those colourful leaves to good use in a DIY project? Select some of your favourite leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes (not to mention colours), press them for a few days in a heavy book and set to work designing a masterpiece of your own creation. If you have a balcony, a “wind chime” comprised of leaves is a beautiful way to enjoy the foliage without having to rake it. Alternatively, take those pressed leaves and frame them. Multiple frames with a few show stopping leaves are the perfect inexpensive addition to your living room. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones.


If you’ve been to your local grocery store lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the plethora of gourds on display. While not everyone is a fan of their taste, they are definitely great contributions to your apartment decor. Purchase multiple gourds of varying sizes and colours and stack them up any way you see fit. They can become a centrepiece on your coffee table or be piled high in a large glass vase (with some leaves sprinkled in for good measure). There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so it’s a perfect beginner project for the DIY-averse. Gourds are a fun way to add colour to your apartment before Halloween pumpkins start to dot the landscape.


You might be starting to sense a theme – fall is full of amazing food that does double-duty as decor. Apples can be hollowed out so a votive candle can be placed inside (and then set to float in a large bowl full of water). This is the perfect centrepiece for a fall party at your apartment, as the apples will not last as long and stay as fresh as gourds.

Tie One On

Find the typical gourd kind of boring? Add some ribbon or washi tape to create your own beautiful version of an autumn wonderland. Stripes of brown, white and gold pop against the background of orange and yellow. You can even break out the sparkly paint and get really creative.

Welcoming Wreaths

Finally, it’s not truly fall unless wreaths abound. Create your own with any manner of items, ranging from felt to ribbon to leaves. Simply get some cardboard to use as a backing, cut it into your desired shape, and start gluing away. Before you know it, you’ll have a cute and completely unique wreath to hang on your apartment door.

Now who’s excited for fall?

The RentSeeker Team


Apartment Deep Cleaning Made Easy

September 15th, 2014

Apartment Cleaning
We all know about spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Before the snow falls, take some time to deep clean your apartment and prepare for the winter ahead. We’re talking about the areas that you might not clean on a weekly basis, like window sills, walls and baseboards. After having your windows open throughout much of the summer months, dirt and dust will have begun to accumulate in these areas without you even realizing it. Banish the grime with RentSeeker’s handy checklist that will make your apartment deep cleaning a breeze (or at least feel like one).

Stock Up

First and foremost, prepare for battle by grabbing your trusty cleaning products and accessories. We recommend having the following on hand, particularly if you’re looking for a more natural and eco-friendly solution to your dirt problems:

- white vinegar

- baking soda

- lemons

- sponges

- rubber gloves

- mineral oil

- ammonia

- paper towel

- hydrogen peroxide

Think Outside the Box

Chances are, you probably have a cleaning routine that you stick to. While this is a good strategy for your weekly cleaning, you need to think a bit bigger when you are going for a deep clean. Move your couch and vacuum or wash the floor underneath (you’d be surprised just how much dirt and dust bunnies gather there), clean the top of your ceiling fan and remove food from your cupboards so you can wash the shelves. There are many places for grime to hide, so get creative with your cleaning list.

Select Your Solution

If you’re trying to keep things green, use a combination of water, vinegar and lemon to use in your tub and sinks. If you have dirty grout in your kitchen tiles, try a mixture of baking soda and water (scrubbed in with an old toothbrush) to really get your floor shining. Baking soda is also a very effective remover of grease, so it’s a perfect solution for cleaning your oven or stovetop. However, if you just want to get the job done and blast that grime away, good old fashioned ammonia mixed with water will do the trick. Just remember to always wear rubber gloves, no matter what solution you choose.

Window to the Soul

Your windows have more dirt on them than you realize, particularly if you’ve been keeping them open to let in the cool summer breezes. Wash both inside and outside (if you have a balcony or patio), including the window sills. Use this opportunity to check for any leaks or damage to the seal and, if you spot any, let your landlord know right away so it can be repaired before the cold winter sets in. Finally, give your window coverings the deep clean treatment by either vacuuming them or wiping them down with vinegar and water.

Sleepy Time

Finally, don’t neglect your bed. Sure, you wash your bedding often, but your mattress can harbour lots of dust and, we’re sorry to say, dust mites. You can deodorize your mattress with a combination of baking soda and lavender essential oil. Not only will it smell great, but lavender helps to relax you and send you off to la-la land faster. You may also want to wash your pillows, not just your pillowcases. Check the tags to make sure you can wash them on your own.

Before you know it, your apartment will be a sparkling paradise of cleanliness from top to bottom. Good luck and happy cleaning!

The RentSeeker Team


Flexing Your Green Thumb as a Renter

August 26th, 2014

Eco Friendly Apartment Living Want to go green? You’re not alone. The environmental-friendly household trend is no longer a trend at all. In fact, a study from Green Living/MacLean’s shows that 42% of adults have used a natural, organic or eco-friendly household product in the past few years. Sales of green cleaners have also increased by 229% between the years of 2005-2009 alone. As awareness of our “carbon footprints” increases, so does our desire to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you’re looking for easy ways to implement green living into your everyday, we’ve rounded up some tips that will make the transition a simple and, dare we say it, fun one.

The Three R’s

We mentioned them above, and you’ve probably heard the familiar refrain for decades – reduce, reuse and recycle. Most apartment buildings have recycling containers beside the trash bins, making it easy for you to redirect waste from landfills. Start the process in your apartment by setting aside a sturdy bag that you fill with your glass, plastic and paper products. When you have to take out the garbage, make it a habit to take your recycling out at the same time. Once you get a routine down, you won’t even think twice about taking out your recycling. You can also focus on reducing your consumption by switching to online billing (greatly diminishing the amount of mail you receive) and reading your newspapers and magazines on a tablet or the web. Buy a reusable water bottle that you can take with you to work or to the gym rather than using a new plastic bottle each time. And with that, you’ve conquered the three R’s!

The Electricity Ghost

Did you know that appliances that are left plugged in, even if they are not powered on or being actively used, still eat up your electricity? Some of the biggest culprits are cell phone chargers and coffee makers, silently gobbling up energy and increasing your monthly bill at the same time. Unplug these energy hogs when you are not using them; According to Home Guides, this small act can reduce your electricity bill by almost 40%. When you are going away on vacation, unplug your bigger appliances, too – TV’s and computers in particular.

Get a Handle on Your Heat

We all want to be comfortable, but turning your thermostat down in the winter will help to keep more green in your wallet and reduce your energy consumption. Changing your thermostat by just two degrees can cut down on carbon emissions produced by your apartment. In the summer, only turn the air conditioning on when it’s a particularly hot and humid day. Otherwise, use more energy-friendly ceiling fans or create a cross breeze by opening a few windows. Don’t forget to turn your A/C off when you’re out of the apartment – there is no need to keep it cool if there is no one home to enjoy it!

Clean Clothes

While line-drying your clothes is probably not an option (unless you have a balcony), there are steps you can take to help reduce the effect that washing and drying clothing has on the environment. First, switch to an eco-friendly laundry detergent that won’t pollute the waters with phosphates galore. Second, wash your clothes in cold water. Finally, set the dryer to a cooler setting and, if possible, let some of the lighter clothes air dry. If you have a washer/dryer in your apartment, set a schedule so you are only doing your laundry once a week instead of every few days. You can also inquire with your landlord or property manager about having your building switched to high efficiency machines. It will save both of you money in the long run – and help save the environment, too.

Just a few small changes can make a world of difference to your pocketbook and the earth. Implement some of our green tips today and you’ll be well on your way to giving that green thumb of yours a good workout.

Go Green Go!

The RentSeeker Team


Maximizing Your Apartment Search Online

August 14th, 2014

RentSeeker Apartment Search and Marketing Searching for the perfect place to call home doesn’t have to be an ordeal. You can make the most of your time by doing most of your apartment search research online by sticking to a few basic rules. Of course, you will want to start by first having a rough idea of what you are looking for. With so many apartments for rent and options available, it can feel like an almost impossible task to sift through them all to find the right one.

Advanced Search Options

If you want to narrow down your search in the fastest, most efficient way possible, utilize the “Advanced Search Options” that are available on most apartment search websites and classifieds like and Not only will the price be right, but you can ensure you’re not wasting your time sifting through ads from apartments that won’t accept pets and other details which make finding your next apartment a lot less work. You can make your search even more precise by inputting the postal code of the area of the city you want to live in. Of course, if you don’t have a preference for the area or if you don’t have a cat or dog in tow, using the basic search functions will give you a good overview of what is available and how much it will cost you each month. Once you’re armed with this information, you can make much more informed decisions about the apartments you then want to see in person.

Slim Pickings

If you have found an ad that is short on content – no photos, no layouts, no neighbourhood information – it’s wise to move on. You will most likely be disappointed if you see the apartment in person. Instead, focus your search efforts on sites and ads that provide lots of data. You can head into the viewing knowing a lot about what you can expect before you even get there, giving you a head start on the hunt.’s apartment listings for example are packed full of photos, floor plans and even 3D layouts and videos of the properties and area amenities in some cases. Don’t waste your time with ads that seem to have something to hide.

Utilize the Add-Ons

Finding the ideal apartment is not always just about the building itself; the location and neighbourhood can play a big role in whether or not you’ll be happy living there. RentSeeker helps to make this task easier on you by providing Property Videos and WalkScore information in each listing. Now you can know immediately if a bus stop is close to the apartment building, what kind of restaurants and shops are nearby and how pedestrian-friendly your potential new neighbourhood is. These kind of add-ons are there to ensure you find the apartment that is right for you, both in price and community living.

So don’t let the apartment search process overwhelm you. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for,, Kijiji and other great apartment search sites offer features that will get you started on the path to apartment bliss with just a few clicks of your mouse :-)

Happy Apartment Hunting!

The Team

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