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If Your Friends Are Helping You Move, Make It Easy On Them!


If you’re not willing to dish out the big bucks for professional movers, you’ve got to turn to your friends and family members to give you a hand on moving day. Helping a pal lug boxes, bags, and furniture is all part of sharing a great friendship, but as with any social exchange, there are still right ways and wrong ways to go about it.

If you’ve got a fleet of friends willing to give up their free time to help you settle in to a new place, treat them right, and an otherwise arduous task can become a chance for fun, laughs, and a chance to connect!

First, do some preliminary groundwork well ahead of time to make sure the day runs as smoothly and as confusion-free as possible. Send out a request for help to as many people that you can — the more who show up, the easier the day will be for everyone involved. Send polite reminders, and promise some good food, drinks, and a smooth ride. And promise your services in return!

Before the big day arrives, do a sweep of your personal belongings to eliminate any bulky items that will slow you down. Throw away junk and donate stuff you don’t need. Ask your moving friends if they want any of your donated goods and make sure they have ‘first dibs’ on any particularly cool items.

Be sure to have everything packed up before they arrive — your friends are here to help you carry and sort, not pack! But while you’re packing, colour-code and clearly label every box for a designated room. If large items or furniture can’t be boxed, attach sticky notes that tell movers where to put things. If you’ve got the time, draw up a little floor plan of your new place, with each room colour-coded or numbered. Treat it like a special military strike, and no one will slow down due to confusion. Finally, collect blankets, dollies, twine, tape, brooms, rope, and other equipment to have on hand, and make sure you have a first-aid kit nearby in case of cuts or other injuries.

Do some advanced scouting and know that you’ve got room to park your cars, vans, or trucks; if your friends are also accompanying you to the new destination, provide for their transportation and make sure parking is covered. Give them a map to the new place if they’re driving or taking public transport.

Once the show is underway, give every member of your moving party a task based on what they can do, and their interests. Think: after all the lighter boxes have been dealt with, and your stronger friends are lifting the huge furniture pieces, what are the smaller members of your team doing? Give them unboxing, assembling, or tidying duty! Figure out who can help when, and move the really heavy stuff that you absolutely need help with when your friends are actually available. Don’t be left stranded!

Most importantly, remember to impress upon your pals that you truly appreciate their help. Offer to do them a favour when they need it; buy delicious food for the move and pay attention to what they want, can eat, and so forth. Keep them hydrated; supply cool drinks on hot days and warm-up beverages for the cold. Make things fun and upbeat with high-energy music or something you all love. And remember to stay positive! Your energy and vibes can make or break the day. Afterward, send out thank you notes (if that’s something your friends will appreciate) or show your thanks with a drink sometime down the line.

If you follow this great advice, your friends are sure to have positive memories of the move — and they’ll be more likely to help you the next time you need to relocate. We want you to have the happiest move possible — it’s why we’ve organized one of the most complete, helpful, and easy-to-use directories for rental units on the web. So while you’re all taking a break with a beer, glass of water, or pop, remember to remind them how you found your apartment in the first place — that you got in touch with our toll-free number, sent us an email, or simply registered for a free recount!


Happy moving, and here’s to good friends!


Don’t Get Frustrated When Apartment Hunting — Use An Apartment Rental Company!


Finding the perfect apartment in big Canadian cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal can be a major hassle if you don’t know where to look or what you’re doing. Calling up each apartment complex and speaking with each manager is a pain and waste of time, and visiting these places in person even more so. The good news is that by using an online rental search database like ours, you can cut down your search time by completely streamlining the process. Not only does this save you effort, aggravation, and false leads, but it can also help you find the best deals on the apartment of your dreams.

Price will always be a primary factor when looking for a suitable apartment, especially if you have a family. Using our advanced apartment finder will help you compare prices quickly and easily and narrow the search, eliminating place out of your range. This is also convenient if you’ll be sharing the rent with roommates — you’ll want to be able to search for only the places that have exactly what you’re looking for, such as number of bedrooms, utilities, parking, storage space, and more.

Another great thing about using our portal is the fact that each listing will give you valuable information on the various perks and features each apartment complex or house offers. For example, if you want to do a search only for apartments that allow pets, you won’t waste your time with a bunch of dog- and cat-refusing landlords! It will answer a host of your questions and show you a ton of features, and you won’t have to pick up the phone or leave your computer. Our tenant “Shout Out” service also allows you to set your own criteria and tell the world what you’re looking for, letting qualified and registered landlords contact you to tell you about their new vacancies.

Don’t forget that other info such as detailed photos, floor plans (both 2D and 3D!), video tours, and our special walkscore rating (letting you know how close a prospective property is to local amenities like grocery stores, post offices, and public transit stations) give us an edge on your average database and make meeting your needs so much easier.

We’re also happy to provide our search tools on mobile apps for Apple and Android products so you can search and search again while on the go. Our social media integration will allow you to bookmark, share, and compare listings on Facebook and Twitter. This can be a great way to keep track of your preferences and share it quickly and easily with friends and roommates.

If you haven’t used our fantastic directory before, now’s the time to completely change the way you look for apartments. Scanning through a dozen different portals, collecting local newspapers, relying on word of mouth, or even walking the streets looking for ‘For Rent’ signs isn’t anyone’s idea of a wise use of time. Simply sign up with us online (completely free!) and see how searching with us is fast, easy, and takes hardly any time to get started.

Once you do, be sure to check back frequently — there are exciting new listings going up all the time!


Checking Out A New Rental? Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions!


Sometimes a new apartment can look so great, have the ideal location, and seem to fall right within our budgets that we let our excitement get the better of us. In our zeal to grab the ‘perfect’ place, we race to sign a lease and forget to ask the right questions. Conversely, we may be at the end of a long line of disappointing apartment visits, and we might be getting desperate. If that’s the case, we’re eager to sign on the dotted line to avoid a disaster, but we’ve let our urgency cloud our better judgment.

Remember that investing in a new apartment — even if it’s just for a six-month or one-year lease — is a major decision. You’re always better off really thinking it through and asking the right questions of your landlord. So follow our condensed list of the best and most important questions to get answered before you make the plunge!

RentSeeker helps you answer the right questions

First, you’ll want to clear up a number of absolutely necessary questions concerning your rent, lease agreement, and utilities. Knowing if there are proposed rental increases, how much you need to pay for the security deposit, and how and when your landlord wants to be paid (with cash? cheque? direct deposit? first of every month? what about holidays?) is a great start. Make sure you know the fundamentals in your lease. How can you break it? When it’s up, will you have to commit to another term, or can you go month-to-month? Do you have to purchase rental insurance? And are you able to sublet, or will you face sublet fees if you do? When you leave, do you have to pay for a professional clean?

Utilities can be exceptionally costly, so make sure you know who pays what (for electricity, heat, water, and so forth), and how much your average average bill will be. Cable or Internet services might also be provided, as might laundry (coin operated or free!) so find out all this before you commit.

A number of other less vital but nonetheless important questions about policies and permissions can be ticked off quickly. Ask if you can change the appearance of your apartment — can you paint, put up pictures, insert plugs or nails? Inquire about additional storage areas, if they cost extra, and how secure they are. On the subject of security, you’ll probably want to know if the landlord has any security measures in place (finding out about who has key access and how alarm systems work is a must). Another big secondary question is parking: is it available, and if so, how much space is provided, and how much does it cost? Can guests use it? And on the subject of guests, ask about long-term visits.

If the premise has an outdoor area, you’ll want to know how yard maintenance is divided, and how garbage, recycling, and other disposal issues are treated. This should lead you to a conversation about repairs and emergencies in the building. You need to know what your landlord expects you to do in case of a plumbing, appliance, or other home repair issue — especially if it’s a major problem. How quickly will the landlord act? If he or she needs to enter, what kind of notice will they give?

Finally, you can move on to more tricky questions. Ask how your landlord feels about pets and smoking (if relevant), and ask about noise — how noisy are your neighbours? Is there designated quiet times in your area or building? Is there anything to watch out for in the area or neighbourhood? Make sure you ask why the previous tenants are leaving — how long they stayed, and why they’ve decided to move on. It might give you some valuable insight into how the place is operated.

There are countless other questions you might pose to any landlord. Luckily, a number of great online resources can help you compile a comprehensive questionnaire and checklist. Bring this with you when visiting a new apartment, and make sure you get the answers you’re looking for. If you’re polite, courteous, and patient, there’s no reason why a landlord shouldn’t be forthcoming. In fact, if they aren’t, it might be a warning sign that things aren’t what they seem.

Remember, posing questions to a landlord means the hard part of finding a place is over! If you’re still on the make for an excellent new rental apartment, make sure you use our comprehensive directory to help you find a place to call home.


Finding Your Perfect Rental Property In Calgary


Western Canada epitomizes the Canadian spirit. The natural wonder of the landscapes and scenery are simply awe inspiring, filled with cold, snowy winters (perfect for snow sports) and bright and sunny summers, perfect for spending time outside. Whether it’s the Rockies or the Chinooks, Calgary is an amazingly unique city that is only growing in popularity. The New York Times published an article last year entitled The 52 Places To Go In 2014. Calgary was ranked #17, getting praises for both economic opportunity and cultural flair. The rest of the list includes some pretty amazing cities, so a ranking this high is really saying something!

Finding Your Perfect Pic

Being the Canadian leader of the gas industry (though the industry is currently in a flux on a global level) has brought new wealth, opportunity and development, along with many new permanent and temporary residents. Whether you are moving to Calgary for a business opportunity or as a lifestyle choice, there are many exciting communities that you can call home. No matter which quadrant you end up living in (NW, NE, SW, SE), making Calgary your new home is easier than you might think!

There are many fantastic communities in Calgary to choose from. The picturesque landscape of Lake Bonavista offers families a natural escape to welcome them home at the end of the day. The urban development of the Beltline Community is one of the most exciting up and coming areas to live in Calgary. New plans include accommodations for more than 40 000 new residents by 2035. The point is, whether you prefer the modern metropolis or countryside in the mountains that break through the clouds, Calgary has something to offer everyone.

With the huge number of oil and gas, technology and financial companies in the city, many executives at some point or another end up spending time here at some point in there career. Calgary has a huge number of head offices in the city, and the highest amount of head offices per capita in the country. Students can also find accommodations to live near school. This list offers student housing options for the most popular schools in Alberta.

To see the latest apartment listings in Calgary, visit our Calgary page for more information about apartment, home or condo listings. If you currently live across the country, we make it easy for you to ‘see’ your new home without making the huge trip to see your choice in person. Floor plans, videos and ‘walkscores’ for every listing makes it easy to virtually see your choices and evaluate them accordingly.

There are many diverse neighbourhoods in Calgary, truly offering a wide range of living communities that you can call home. Because Calgary is so diverse, choosing a permanent place to live can be difficult if you don’t have a few years of experience under your cowboy belt, or have a sharp cowboy hat to wear for Stampede. If your long term plan involves buying a house (eventually), living in the downtown core can allow you to get used to the dry summers and amazing natural surroundings as you get acclimated with the city. However, most people are choosing to rent, and builders have been working hard developing exciting rental opportunities for permanent and temporary residents. We have partnered with many of the top developers and property managers to offer an unprecedented amount of rental property listings. If you have any questions or want suggestions on the best rental opportunities in Calgary, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


Moving To Montreal? Get Acquainted With Canada’s Cultural Capital!


So you’ve decided to move to Montreal — the largest, most famous, most bilingual city of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada. It’s a place packed with culture, rich history, quaint bistros and cafes and amazing food, a thriving nightlife, several vibrant universities, colourful neighbourhoods, international festivals, and beautiful parks and vistas stretched across 19 distinct boroughs (or arrondisements). If you can manage the cold and bone up on your French, it’s also a place that you’ll soon love to call home, so start using our convenient database today and cut out all the frustration and apprehension from your search!

Rent is cheaper in Montreal than in other large cities of Canada like Toronto and Vancouver, so finding a 1-bedroom apartment between $600 and $1000 should be easy. Some small bachelors go for $500, and if you’re looking to live with friends, you can often find incredible deals. Since most leases are signed over in the summer, and tenants need to provide three months’ notice when vacating, try to find a suitable dwelling early — or at least before the first of July. Landlords won’t require more than first month’s rent (deposits in all forms are illegal), but watch out for ‘creative’ wordings of apartments (that four-bedroom might actually be a 1-bedroom with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom). Always make sure you know what you’re getting into — ask about heat, appliances, security, repairs, and so forth—and you’ll have a much happier time living out your 12-month lease.

Image for the latest Rentseeker blog

With narrow (and often cobblestone) streets, Montreal doesn’t have many backlots and garages — if you own a car, there’s a good chance you’ll be parking on the street. One bonus for those of you without vehicles is that Montreal has a relatively green, safe, and efficient public transit system, and is largely bicycle friendly (check out the many Bixi stations around town). Only one third of all Montreal households own a car, meaning almost a quarter of the city uses the STM to get to work. While this has a lot to do with the city’s GDP, it’s also a testament to the efficiency of the system, environmentally conscious thinking, and the active lifestyles of so many residents. Buying a monthly OPUS pass means major savings compared to single-ride purchases, and you can use the online STM Trip Planner to figure out how you’ll need to get across town.

When looking for a place to live, just about anywhere downtown will have access to the Metro, but the choicest places are always situated near an entrance (it saves time, and can be a lifesaver not to have to wait for a bus in the -30 winters). If you have to travel in from the suburbs, the AMT (or Agence Métropolitaine de Montréal) provides a commuter train to get you to your destination.

If you haven’t already landed a job, it’s always a good idea to start your search before you arrive. One thing to remember is that Montreal is a predominantly French-speaking city (French is the official language and is spoken at home by the majority of the population). If you aren’t bilingual — or at least competent in French — you’re going to have a hard time finding work (especially with the public). Anglophones are everywhere in the city, but if you’d prefer to live in a largely English-speaking area, we’d suggest living in the west end. Look for spots in Westmount or near Monkland Village, Snowdon or Vendrome Station, or around McGill or Concordia University. Much of downtown, Le Plateau, Ville Marie, and Mile End also have many Anglophone residents since so many of the city’s shops, restaurants, museums, and galleries cater to non-French-speaking tourists.

From the restaurants and bars of Le Plateau to the student ‘ghetto’ of McGill University, the new condominiums of the Cité Multimédia to the beautiful architecture of Vieux Montréal, the choice pads of Centre-Ville to the high- and low-rise mix of Shaughnessy Village, Montreal certainly has something for everyone. To find the rent, location, and size of apartment that’s right for you, use our handy online rental database, and enjoy the convenience of having so many options at your fingertips. If you have any questions about our listings, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you find just what you’re looking for.


RentSeeker Releases Annual Canadian Rental Housing Price and Vacancy Data INFOGRAPHIC

by presents it’s popular annual Canadian rental housing price and vacancy data INFOGRAPH outlining the status of pricing and vacancy rates of apartments rentals in cities across Canada.

The 2015 report covers pricing and vacancy rates of apartments in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Kingston, Hamilton, Edmonton, Victoria, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Windsor, Sarnia, and a number of other cities.

Overall pricing for apartments was stable with vacancy rates for most apartment communities at multi year lows.

For anyone searching for apartments for rent in any of these cities, you can visit or download our iTunes or Android apps to search for apartments on any smartphone.

dian Rental Housing Market Report INFOGRAPHIC -


Just Got A New Job In The Nations Capital?


Congratulations! Landing a new job is always an exciting endeavor, especially if you have worked hard to get where you want to be. This sentiment is especially true for those who have paid their dues and finally landed a job with the Canadian Government. Whether you are a politician or public service worker, the nation’s capital is home to over 125 000 Government workers who not only spend their 9-5 in Ottawa, but also call the beautiful city their home.

With thriving businesses in the tech sector and the perfect balance of city and country, it’s easy to understand why so many choose to call Ottawa home. The atmosphere combines the excitement and entertainment of a first class city with the warmth and comforting space of the country. Best of all, it’s the least expensive major city to live in across North America!

While many people are native to Ottawa and have lived there for their whole lives, many people live there temporarily. It’s very common for government jobs to operate on a contract basis, meaning that many residents come from all over the country, with intentions of staying on a short-term basis (unless they fall in love with the city as so many people do!). This can make the process of accepting that Government job more difficult, even forcing some people to pass on the opportunity.

By utilizing an online apartment rental website like ours that’s packed with listing information, contact numbers, images, videos and floor plans, you can focus on the excitement of choosing where you want to live instead of worrying. Browse through a wide selection of Ottawa apartment rentals and narrow your search by property type, number of bedrooms or by your monthly budgeted range.

From the downtown nightlife and Rideau Canal views to the spacious parks and natural landscapes of the country, Ottawa truly has something to offer everyone, no matter where in Canada you grew up. Check out some of our most recent Ottawa apartment rental listings and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Apartment Hunting in the Winter? Start Online!


Apartment Finder
Apartment hunting in the wintertime can feel like an impossible task. With the frigid temperatures and the snow-covered properties, it’s difficult to get a feel for what an apartment building is really like. However, by starting your apartment search online you’ll get a clearer picture of what your future home can really be – all while staying warm.

At, we have a number of features that will make your online apartment hunt an easy experience. By utilizing our targeted search options, you can find an apartment in your price range quickly. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can see floor plans, photos and videos (so you’ll really know what the building looks like in the summertime). We also provide Walkscore information in each listing, allowing you to see at a glance all of the amenities in your potential new neighbourhood.

Along with the many benefits of searching for your apartment online in the winter, there are other ways that the coldest months are actually the perfect time to find your home.

Less Competition

In the wintertime, not as many people are out looking for apartments – particularly students. You’ll have far greater choice and you’ll be competing with far fewer other applicants. During the spring and summer months, many units can rent within hours of being listed. In the winter, you can take your time and really decide if a particular suite is the right fit for you.

Landlord Incentives

With the decreased competition comes the opportunity for landlords to provide move-in incentives and bonuses that they may not otherwise have the chance to do. This can include reduced rent for the first month or even a present (like a tablet) when you sign your lease. Ask the landlords of the various suites you are interested in about incentives. Even if they are unable to offer any, at least you asked! You may find that they will be willing to go the extra mile to secure you as a long-term tenant and offer something that is unadvertised.

Sharing a Space

If you’re looking to simply rent a room in an apartment, the winter is the perfect time to do so. Students, in particular, often have to move out sooner than their lease indicates due to school schedules. You can take advantage of these reduced-rent options by searching under student rentals and sharing a space with a brand new roommate. By the same token, you may find someone that needs to leave their apartment completely and requires someone to take over their lease. Depending on the type of apartment you need and the length of time you need it for, a lease takeover can be a viable option for you.

While pounding the pavement, a traditional way of finding apartments and getting to know neighbourhoods, is not always possible in the wintertime, you CAN find a great apartment by taking your search online. Don’t think that a winter apartment hunt is impossible – in many ways, it is the perfect time to find the right apartment at the right price. Good luck and happy apartment hunting!

The RentSeeker Team


Getting (and Keeping) Your Apartment Clean in 2015


Young Couple Apartment Cleaning Many of us set New Year’s Resolutions, often centering on ourselves: we want to lose weight, to quit smoking or to start eating healthier. But what about your living space? If you’re often plagued by clutter and find yourself too tired after a long week of work to really deep clean your apartment, RentSeeker has compiled a few of our favourite ways to get your apartment in tip top shape for 2015. Resolve to get organized this year!

Start Small

The problem with many resolutions is that they are far too grand in scale. We make sweeping statements like, “I am going to keep my apartment clean all year”. While this is a great sentiment, it can be difficult to maintain with our busy lifestyles. Instead, start with smaller, more achievable goals. The best way to do this is to clean for 5 or 10 minutes every day. Rather than the task of cleaning feeling like an impossible thing to tackle, the time will go by so quickly that it won’t even feel like a chore (OK, we can’t guarantee that – but it definitely won’t feel that bad). Pick one area of a room, like your desk, and focus on tidying it for those 5 minutes. Another option is to clean as you go: for example, as you make a meal, set about washing the dishes you have finished with and keeping the counter wiped and clean while your dinner is in the oven. After eating a big meal, you won’t feel guilty about not having the energy to do the dishes – because they will already be finished.

Cleaning Day

To tackle some of the bigger jobs, like the dreaded bathroom, set aside a specific day to clean it. You’ll know that it’s coming and will be able to prepare by purchasing anything you need during the preceding days (no more excuses of “I don’t have any toilet cleaner!”). Try purchasing items that have a pleasant smell so it will encourage you to clean. You can even purchase a beautifully scented candle that you can reward yourself by lighting when you’ve completed the task. You’ll soon be so thrilled with the yummy smelling apartment that you call home that you might actually look forward to cleaning.

Make Cleaning Easy…and Fun!

Another obstacle to cleaning regularly is that some of the tools required are, quite frankly, unwieldy. Huge mops with dirty and smelly buckets full of water are never things that people want to spend much time with. To conquer this problem, buy items that make cleaning easy such as a magic eraser or a Swiffer Wet Jet. Not only are these items small and simple to use, but they generally come in a variety of scents. If cleaning your floor is as easy as pressing a button, you’ll be far more inclined to do it. Even an old fashioned feather duster can be a fun and easy way to banish dust from your bookshelves and trinkets.

Remember – start small. Take the cleaning and organization of your apartment one step at a time by introducing cleaning in short bursts. Soon it will come naturally to you and you won’t even have to think about cleaning up. Here’s to a clean and organized 2015!

The RentSeeker Team


Staying Warm in your Apartment


Staying Warm in Your Apartment
Now that January is here and the deep freeze has officially set in, we’re all feeling the chill. In fact, according to AccuWeather, this January and February are forecast to be colder than normal in Ontario. Naturally, you want to be warm and cozy in your apartment without facing astronomical energy bills each month. Here are some inexpensive (and green!) ways to stay warm in your apartment during yet another Canadian winter.

Here Comes the Sun

If your apartment rental tends to get sunlight for a large portion of the day, leave your blinds open to allow the heat of the sun to warm up your living space for free. Take advantage of those free sunrays and help to banish the winter doldrums with some vitamin D shining directly into your apartment. Conversely, if the day is overcast or your apartment tends to not receive sunlight, keep your blinds closed to keep in the heat that you already have. You’ll also want to keep your blinds closed at night when the temperature really dips.

Cuddle Up in Warmth

Winter is the perfect time to change your bedding to something more substantial. Flannel sheets and thick quilts will help you to stay warm at night without the need for your heater to be blasting the entire time. If you’re sitting on the couch to watch television, cover yourself with a warm and soft blanket, wear a sweater and throw on some slippers. You’ll feel completely cozy and happy in your apartment, all while knowing that you won’t have a giant heating bill coming your way.

Cover Up …Your Apartment

If you have hardwood floors, you might find that they are quite often chilly. Use strategically placed rugs in high-traffic areas to help keep the warmth in (and your feet toasty). In addition to keeping blinds closed on overcast days and at night, you will want to check for drafts that could be contributing to the chill in your home. To prevent a draft from flowing in from the hallway, roll up an old towel or purchase a specially designed draft blocker to stop the air. Check to ensure your windows are completely closed and no cold outside air is making its way in.

Cooking Up a Storm

Warm up your apartment the old fashioned way – by baking or cooking a beautiful meal. In particular, meals like soups, stews and casseroles need to cook for a long time, thereby slowing and surely warming up your apartment (not to mention the fact that your place will smell wonderful). Winter is also the perfect time for trying out a variety of warm drinks, from exotic coffees and teas to hot chocolate.

Invest in a Humidifier

A humidifier is an economic way to increase the heat in your apartment without actually turning the heat on. Humid air feels warmer – and will make you feel like you’re on a vacation in a tropical environment. If you don’t want to purchase a humidifier, showering with the bathroom door open will achieve the same effect, albeit for a shorter period of time.

There are a number of ways to stay warm in your apartment without breaking the bank. Tell us your favourites in the comments!

The RentSeeker Team

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