As the population of millennials increases and continues to grow across Canada,  real estate developers and apartment owners are rethinking the way they design their properties and rental suites, available amenities and perks to offer, and how best to market their apartment rentals to this growing demographic of renters including utilizing social media which is increasing in popularity and trending as a great source for landlords to reach and engage this demographic of prospective renters.

With many university students in this millennial demographic who are carrying debt as they make their way through university preparing for a career, renting an apartment with one of more roommates is a more popular choice for many.

Rob Carrick offers great financial tips for millennials, also known as the Gen Y generation, with advice for paying down debt, renting vs. buying, and more great tips worth reading.

The Team looked at what millennials are looking for when apartment hunting and here is some information about the “millennial market”  and some of the features most-in-demand for Gen Y’ers when searching for rentals –   presented in another great INFOGRAPHIC by

What Millenials Look When Apartment Hunting - INFOGRAPH -