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The Ups and Downs of renting an apartment in Downtown

If you’ve been looking to move into a new apartment and have always wondered if you should look for a location in the downtown district or in the suburbs, then this article is for you!

While looking to rent an apartment, whether, with a family, just married, or single, many of us have often wondered what it would be like to move into one of the modern-style, gleaming high-rise apartment buildings located in the downtown core. Sometimes we dream that it would be cool to move away from the suburbs, and relocate into the center of a bustling metropolis, but weren’t sure if it was really worth it. Check out Rentseeker’s top four picks for the “Ups and Downs” of renting an apartment in the Downtown!

At RentSeeker.ca we are always looking for new ways to better understand the apartment rental market and to better serve our clients and consumers. As we researched through news articles on apartment rentals in Toronto, we started thinking about how varied and diverse Toronto is as a cultural city. Apartments in Toronto can be found in virtually any location and neighbourhoods. So with all the bewildering choices that face every person new move, one of the big questions we always hear is, is it better to rent downtown or in the suburbs? Wherever you ultimately decide to rent, RentSeeker would like to offer a couple of pros and cons about Downtown apartment (and condo) living to enable you to better understand your choices before you commit to your new dream apartment rental.


On the upside, probably the most often heard reason to live downtown is the virtual absence of commuting.

Imagine waking up in the morning at a decent hour and strolling to work instead of getting up an hour early to beat the rush hour traffic. Imagine not sitting behind someone on the freeway for 45 minutes of stop and go traffic, who thinks it’s cool to put the bass on high and belt some rock tunes before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

Imagine not having to leave work an hour late in order to wait 25 minutes in traffic instead of the average 45 minutes.

Living downtown is almost like an extra gift of two hours every day to your hectic schedule, enough time to take your boy/girlfriend, wife, partner or anyone you want to to a movie, dinner or just relax.


A major drawback for many people is the noise of colleges and parties that can wake up people in the building, including yourself and your family.

While if you’re a student that might not be such a bad thing, for many older people, this is a major inconvenience. If you are looking for a quiet apartment building, RentSeeker.ca offers a feature that allows you to check off your requirements for a building and only shows you the buildings that match your needs. In addition, many buildings often cater specifically to a senior crowd and often include many convenient amenities for their tenants that other buildings won’t have.

If you are a student, check out the RentSeeker.ca’s Student Rental Housing to learn which apartments are available to rent in Toronto and especially downtown Toronto (and cities across Canada), that are near your college or university.


Another potential downside of renting an apartment in downtown Toronto or any major downtown metropolitan area is the constant, almost 24-hour snarl of traffic that often surrounds the apartment buildings. While your commute is now a walk, listening to the constant blaring of horns from irate drivers can often take the pleasure out of sleeping in late. Many apartment buildings are now being designed with an emphasis on noise reduction, especially in the apartment suites. However until the technique is perfected, living in the suburbs generally offers a more peaceful environment than living downtown.


Living downtown comes at a cost though. Apartment managers in the downtown district often charge 2-3 times more than a typical suburban apartment rental. While this is a major consideration, it should be weighed carefully against the fact that you will be saving quite a bit in gas and especially time.  Calculate the time and expenses that you save for living near your work, against the extra fees you pay for living ion the downtown area, and see what makes sense for you.

Wherever you decide to rent, visit RentSeeker.ca to see apartment rentals in your area. Whether you’re looking for an apartment in the Kensington Market, or the Beaches, from the middle class to upper class, RentSeeker offers an array of professionally managed apartments for rent across Canada by Major Canadian Landlords. The decision is ultimately yours to make, but we hope that we here at Rentseeker have given you some food for thought, about some of the “Ups and Downs” of renting apartments in Downtown.

Good luck with your move!

The RentSeeker.ca Team