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Created on 18 Dec 2017
It was an unseasonably hot month for real estate across Canada in November, reveals the latest data from the Canadian Real Estate Association – but that robust activity isn’t expected to carry ove read more
Created on 29 Nov 2017
For immediate release — November 29th 2017 –-  Leading Canadian real estate search website releases it’s 2017 Rental Market Report INFOGRAPHIC.’ read more
Created on 28 Mar 2017
With Canada’s real estate market showing signs of stabilization in various cities, possibly and likely due to policy measures on housing by the Canadian government over the last few years, other read more
Created on 22 Mar 2017
It’s no secret that home prices are rising across the nation. The latest numbers released by the Canadian Real Estate Association find the MLS Home Price Index rose 16% from this time last year, and read more
Created on 16 Feb 2017
Looking to break into the Toronto real estate market, but seek more square footage than the typical condo provides? Given the average house price now tops $1.3 million in the city, according to the To read more
Created on 13 Dec 2016
December 13th 2016 – News Release Canada’s Largest Real Estate Search Website – released it’s New Updated 2016 Annual Report today showing the; Average Rent Costs read more
Created on 9 Nov 2016
With Donald Trump’s amazing victory in the 2016 U.S. Elections, Canada’s immigration website went down due to overwhelming traffic according to The Independent. – Can read more
Created on 14 Sep 2016
September 14th 2016 – – Canada’s Leading Real Estate Listing Website and Apartment Finder, published newly updated rental data in what’s become it’s highl read more
Created on 20 Jun 2016
The Government of Ontario has set the 2017 guideline for rent increases to 1.5 per cent. The guideline, which is set by the Province of Ontario, outlines the maximum percentage by which landlords can read more
Created on 16 May 2016
Canada’s housing and rental markets continue to be a topic of conversation for real estate experts and economists, journalists and media outlets, government officials and the general public. read more
Created on 17 Dec 2015
December 17th 2015 – – Canada’s Leading Apartment Finder and Real Estate Listing Website, today published it’s Fall – 2015  [INFOGRAPHIC] showing: Average read more
Created on 3 Dec 2015, Canada’s Leading Apartment Finder and Real Estate Marketing and Data Company today published it’s Annual Housing Market Report INFOGRAPHIC – showing the cost to purcha read more
Created on 29 Nov 2015
With housing prices out of reach for many Torontonians and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA),, one of Canada’s largest and most visited online apartment finders, publishe read more
Created on 5 Nov 2015
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released some preliminary data this week on the Canadian Rental Market,  offering some great insight and  information for renters searching for a new a read more
Created on 1 Oct 2015
With the Canadian and U.S. economies showing strength in many sectors across the economy, the housing and rental markets has once again come to the forefront of the discussion in both the U.S. and Can read more
Created on 9 Sep 2015
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released updated results recently from its House Price Analysis and Assessment (HPAA) framework, which is designed to detect the presence of problematic read more
Created on 7 Aug 2015
As the population of millennials increases and continues to grow across Canada,  real estate developers and apartment owners are rethinking the way they design their properties and rental suites, av read more
Created on 16 Jul 2015
With the real estate market in Canada booming and the Bank of Canada’s recent cut in interest rates, the Canadian housing market looks like it might continue to surpass current levels – read more
Created on 7 Jun 2015
With much of the talk today around Canada’s seemingly never ending rising housing market and the ongoing discussion about the possibility of an overheated housing market, including the continued read more
Created on 19 May 2015
We often hear Canadians comparing pricing on Housing, Cars, Electronics and more with our neighbours in the U.S. So our team here at decided to research the pricing on some of the more p read more
Created on 1 Apr 2015
With housing prices across Canada seemingly on the constant rise, many Canadians feel left out of the “Canadian Dream” of owning their own home. So and our friends at Blue Ch read more
Created on 13 Feb 2015 presents it’s popular annual Canadian rental housing price and vacancy data INFOGRAPH outlining the status of pricing and vacancy rates of apartments rentals in cities across Canad read more
Created on 5 May 2014
Here @ RentSeeker our love for Canada & Hockey made us want to share just why we love our Canadian Hockey Teams…in an INFOGRAPHIC 🙂 read more
Created on 19 Mar 2014
Determining the Cost of Living in Canadian Cities via INFOGRAPHIC presented by Osgoode Properties: read more
Created on 20 Jan 2014
See how Canada matches up to the U.S. on pricing of Rental Housing, Cars, Cell Phone Plans and more in this new INFOGRAPHIC by read more
Created on 16 Aug 2013
Check out this NEW INFOGRAPHICS on Student Living – The Lowdown on Off-Campus and On-Campus presented by: & read more
Created on 29 May 2013
Check out this NEW informative and amusing [INFOGRAPHICS] on the topic of Renting vs. Buying presented by & read more
Created on 7 Feb 2013
The Team is Proud to Present the First Canadian Rental Market Infographic! read more
Created on 20 May 2019
Numerous end of year summary reports indicated that the Canadian real estate market effectively achieved a soft landing. Over the past year and half, the industry has experienced a seismic shift that read more