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Created on 21 Oct 2016
Finding apartments for rent has become a simple, easy and (some would even say fun) experience with apartment finders like Now, even living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean living read more
Created on 8 Aug 2016
Relationships are an important part of life, and perhaps one of the most important involves someone that you may not want to spend time with. No, we’re not talking about that family member, but your read more
Created on 15 Mar 2016
One of the most exciting parts of moving in to a new apartment is getting to decorate everything exactly how you want it. The empty rooms are screaming out for your aesthetic touch and it’s time to read more
Created on 9 Feb 2016
OK, we know, by now virtually everyone has heard of QR codes – you know – those squares made of smaller black-and-white squares that are scanned by smartphones. The QR stands for Quick Res read more
Created on 26 Nov 2015
When you rent an apartment, you might be moving to a new city for the first time. While searching for an apartment today has gotten easier with websites and apartment finders like offeri read more
Created on 2 Nov 2015
When you move into a new apartment, chances are you don’t have the budget to shell out the big bucks at a home design boutique. Even if you don’t want to spend next month’s rent on home décor, read more
Created on 8 Oct 2015
Making your apartment your home is the best part of moving into a new place. Putting up blinds and hanging pictures isn’t the only way to customize your space —these incredible home tech gadgets w read more
Created on 14 Aug 2015
That first glorious year of university can be the most exciting time in the lives of many students. It’s a chance to live in a new city, to embrace a new cultural shift; it’s a chance to meet othe read more
Created on 30 Jul 2015
Moving to a new neighbourhood can be tough, but moving to a completely new city (in an entirely different province, for that matter) is obviously so much tougher. When work, family, or relationships r read more
Created on 3 Jul 2015
Of all the rooms in your apartment, you probably spend the most amount of time in your bedroom. After all, it’s where you recuperate after a long day of work, school, or other obligations — and ho read more
Created on 3 Apr 2015
Unless you’ve done it dozens of times — and unless you’re the World’s Most Organized Person — moving into a new house or apartment is usually a stressful, expensive, and tiring experience. A read more
Created on 27 Feb 2015
Western Canada epitomizes the Canadian spirit. The natural wonder of the landscapes and scenery are simply awe inspiring, filled with cold, snowy winters (perfect for snow sports) and bright and sunny read more
Created on 12 Jan 2015
Many of us set New Year’s Resolutions, often centering on ourselves: we want to lose weight, to quit smoking or to start eating healthier. But what about your living space? If you’re often read more
Created on 7 Jan 2015
Now that January is here and the deep freeze has officially set in, we’re all feeling the chill. In fact, according to AccuWeather, this January and February are forecast to be colder than norma read more
Created on 8 Dec 2014
The holidays are a joyous time spent with friends and family, but it can also be hard on your bank account. While we all want to spruce up our apartments to match the festive season, after purchasing read more
Created on 12 Nov 2014
Want to spruce up your apartment decor but don’t want to break the bank? If you’ve got a flair for DIY projects – and even if you don’t – we’ve found a number of fu read more
Created on 24 Oct 2014
The witching hour is almost upon us! Living an apartment doesn’t mean you are left out of all the Halloween fun. Whether your building is allowing trick-or-treaters to come by or you’re throwing a read more
Created on 20 Oct 2014
If you’re like us, you’re not a huge fan of cleaning – especially those big jobs that seem to take up your entire Saturday. Thankfully, there are a number of “hacks” you read more
Created on 22 Sep 2014
September is a month of renewal. It not only signals back-to-school, but it also heralds in the changing of the season. While many Canadians lament the leaves beginning to fall, we at RentSeeker say t read more
Created on 15 Sep 2014
We all know about spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Before the snow falls, take some time to deep clean your apartment and prepare for the winter ahead. We’re talking about the area read more
Created on 26 Aug 2014
Want to go green? You’re not alone. The environmental-friendly household trend is no longer a trend at all. In fact, a study from Green Living/MacLean’s shows that 42% of adults have used read more
Created on 14 Aug 2014
Searching for the perfect place to call home doesn’t have to be an ordeal. You can make the most of your time by doing most of your apartment search research online by sticking to a few basic ru read more
Created on 17 Jul 2014
Welcoming a brand new baby in to your life? Congratulations! Along with the other things on your mind, you might be wondering exactly how you can transform your apartment into a baby-friendly environm read more
Created on 6 May 2014
With spring in full swing, the itch to refresh your apartment decor might prove irresistible. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and your apartment is begging for a make-over that will brighte read more
Created on 17 Jan 2014
Are you ready to start searching for an apartment rental that you can call home? It can be a tough go, but with some prudent planning, you should be able to find the place that is perfect for you. Whe read more
Created on 8 Jan 2014
The recent extended power outages in the Greater Toronto Area over the holidays had us all scrambling to stay warm. Bathing, preparing meals and finding ways to pass the time were also difficult (if n read more
Created on 27 Dec 2013
Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, it’s time to talk parties. Apartment dwellers may feel that they cannot be the host of a holiday shindig due to lack of space, but that does not hav read more
Created on 11 Dec 2013
Keeping your apartment tidy and organized can be an annoying, time consuming chore for little gain, but by approaching it differently and using some of the tips outlined here it can also be a stress r read more
Created on 9 Dec 2013
The holiday season has officially arrived and with it comes the eagerness to deck your apartment in decorations from top to bottom. No matter what size of apartment you live in, you can make your home read more
Created on 15 Oct 2013
If you’re like us, you are looking forward to Halloween with child-like glee. It’s the one night a year when we get to dress up like someone (or something) else and really let our creativi read more
Created on 23 Jul 2013
In the hot, sticky days of summer, it’s not always an option to open your window to get fresh air into your home (especially if you have an air conditioner running at full blast). Help to mitigate t read more
Created on 17 Jul 2013
Barbecue season is now in full swing, and burgers, hot dogs and steaks are calling your name (and grilled vegetables are, too). If you live in a rental apartment, no need not fret – grilling is stil read more
Created on 1 May 2013
Finding room for all of your possessions can be a challenge if you are living in a smaller apartment. If purging a lot of the things you own is not something that you want to do (or even putting many read more
Created on 18 Apr 2013
So you’ve decided that it’s time to move out and rent your own apartment – congratulations! read more
Created on 13 Mar 2013
One of the unfortunate side effects that sometimes coincides with living in an apartment building is having to deal with an unpleasant or rude neighbour. Whether they play loud music well into the nig read more
Created on 4 Mar 2013
If you are lucky, you’ll soon be escaping the cold, Canadian winter for a week-long tropical vacation. According to Stats Canada, 74% of Canadian adults (18 million people) take vacations that last read more
Created on 25 Feb 2013
Canadians are now fully entrenched in the long, dark winter days. The holiday season is over and the countdown to spring has officially begun. Winter can feel depressing, so why not spruce up your apa read more
Created on 31 Jan 2013
The cold weather is here! In fact, The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a much colder than usual winter for Canada with above-average snowfall. While the Almanac is not an exact science, it is general read more
Created on 9 Jan 2013
Cooking is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. Making a meal for yourself and your family can be fun (but also challenging when it comes to cooking in a rental apartment). read more
Created on 11 Dec 2012
The cooler temperatures and flakes of snow can only mean one thing – the holidays have officially arrived. Whether you like to go all-out or simply put up a few festive items, decorating your rental read more
Created on 23 Nov 2012
We all try to make more environmentally-conscience choices, whether we walk to work instead of drive or recycle all of our paper and plastic products. But what about cleaning our apartment rentals? Ma read more
Created on 11 Oct 2012
The month of goblins and ghouls is upon us! Just because you live in an apartment complex certainly does not mean you are unable to enjoy all that Halloween has to offer. With a little planning (and e read more
Created on 7 Aug 2012
The Dos and Don’ts of Subletting: Subletting is the process of renting out your rental apartment / home or just a room in your rental home. The process of going about this can feel like an impossibl read more
Created on 30 Jul 2012
A Beginner’s Guide to Eco-Friendly – Gardening in Your Rental Apartment: Whether you’re an aspiring green thumb or a clueless urbanite, apartment gardening is a growing trend in many cities read more
Created on 22 Jun 2012
Going green seems to be the buzzword these days, but what does it all mean? Many of us want to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the impact our everyday activities have on the environ read more
Created on 3 Jun 2012
Have you ever overlooked a potential apartment rental due to lack of storage? With apartment units and condo suites getting smaller and smaller to accommodate a growing need for accommodation, storage read more
Created on 17 Apr 2012
Kicking the Cramp: Make the most of even the smallest apartment unit Decorating a small apartment can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re limited by stringent rental rules. The goal is to ke read more
Created on 12 Aug 2011
Social Media in Modern Times Social media sites and online forums were created for groups of people who share a common idea, to be able to gather and talk about what interests them in one convenient a read more
Created on 11 Apr 2011
If you’re searching for an apartment and you don’t know what you need to expedite and approve your application process, below is a short list we’ve compiled to help. It pays to be prepar read more
Created on 3 Sep 2010
I recall, not that long ago, looking for a rental apartment in Toronto, or Montreal was a long, tedious and more often than not, extremely frustrating process. There would be driving through a neighbo read more
Created on 22 Jun 2010
If you pay your own hydro bill or even if it is included in your rent… Here are some tips on how to be more environmentally conscious: read more
Created on 16 Mar 2010
Before you get started in finding the right apartment to rent, you need to ask yourself what the most important features of a neighborhood are to you? Walking around the neighbourhood is a perfect way read more